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Southern Geographical Area
Heavy Equipment Operator Academy

Academy Dates: June 5-13, 2024
Location: Macon, Georgia

Nominations open until April 5, 2024!

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This is a skill course designed to provide standardized training for the “Geographical Heavy Equipment Operator” and a Heavy Equipment Boss on an incident as outlined in the PMS 310-1 and the Position Task Books developed for DZIA, DZOP, TPIA, TPOP and HEQB. Primary considerations are tactical use and safety precautions required to establish and maintain an effective dozer operation. The training includes field exercises in daylight and at night to expose students to hazards associated with operations in a dynamic environment. It also includes classroom exercises to help students identify safe and effective fire suppression tactics to deploy when constructing control lines.

Target Group: 

  • Personnel desiring to become qualified as a Heavy Equipment Boss (HEQB).

  • Personnel interested in broadening operator knowledge and enhancing skillset of safe and efficient dozer operator (DZOP).

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